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I Want to PERSONALLY Help You With This Course For Your Business To Help You Double Your Traffic, & Triple Your Income In The Next 12 Months!
Facebook Marketing is something that is constantly changing every few months... DO NOT be that person who misses out on what is working now because they thought they can just get it later.
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From The Standing Desk Of Jacob Campos with Aaron LeBauer
Tallahassee, Florida
This type of marketing is for your industry. There is no better time than now to take advantage of what is in front of you. 

Now, I cannot make business decisions for you, I cannot tell you that you need to hire another PT, I cannot tell you that you need to hire a front desk associate, I cannot tell you that you need to hire a bookkeeper... But there is one thing that I do know... your business will not be here in the next few years without consistent patients... 

That comes down to marketing and sales.

and if there is one specific problem that this course can solve for you in the next couple days... it is marketing.

I will be able to show you everything that you need to know about facebook marketing in this course. 

Everything from locating your patient avatar to HIPPA advertising violations. 

I will be updating it routinely. 

Now is the time to act. Now is the time to help give your business a fighting chance to become the authority of physical therapy.

Be Smart, Be Brave, Be Everywhere,
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"I've been working with Jake for over a year, and within the first 6 weeks he fixed the problems with my Facebook ads and helped me triple my revenue coming in from Facebook ads. Over the course of the past year, Jake has been an integral part of my team in helping us develop a marketing strategy and generating hundreds of new leads per month that I wasn’t able to do before working with Jake."
Founder of The CashPT Nation and LeBauer Consulting
Author of The CashPT Blueprint
Dr. Aaron LeBauer
"Working with Jake has been not only a game changer in my career but also in my life. He has a unique set of skills to help you understand what your business and message should look like. Then he and his team execute those with marketing and branding that brings your words and dreams come to life with a special glow that attracts your target audience in authentic way. His talent for compassion, understanding others, and technology have made me feel secure about taking a big investment with his team to make my dreams come true. I wouldn’t work with anyone else for marketing and branding my business!"
Founder of Coleman Consulting and Concepts
Dr. Nicole Coleman
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Aaron LeBauer
Founder, LeBauer Consulting
  • Helped Thousands of Physical Therapists: Through business coaching and mentoring he has created more 6 figure Physical Therapy Businesses than anyone else.
  • Highly sought after mentor: As a writer in Entrepreneur Magazine, Aaron has been able to touch hundreds of thousands of entrepreneurs 
  • Takes a Unique Approach: No Fluff, No Games, No Wasted Time or Energy... Aaron gets straight to the point to help serve you.
Meet Jacob,
Founder, CEO Campfire Creative Media
  • Helped hundreds of PT's: Increase their knowledge of marketing and selling through facebook group trainings
  • Mastered the concepts of marketing: Helped clients sell into the $1,000,000+ last year alone
  • Makes Marketing SMART and Simple: This isn't rocket surgery, I can help you do it too.
This is your time to make a difference in your community.
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